Winchester 5.56 mm 62 grain


M855 Grain FMJ (Box of 500 rounds)



Manufacturer Information:

This is new headstamp military contract green tip M855 ammunition made by Winchester in their East Alton, Illinois plant for the US Military. Winchester Q3269. Federal and Winchester are the domestic suppliers of M855 for the US Military. The NATO SS109 62 grain steel core “penetrator” bullet is used in the M855 round. This ammo is more effective at penetrating hard targets. The US-made M855 is painted with a green tip to distinguish it from M193 so that troops do not shoot M855 in their 1:12″ twist barreled M16’s that would fail to properly stabilize the heavier and much longer bullet (length being a primary factor in bullet stabilization).

This is new production. Grade 2 Winchester M855 had been previously been sold in the plain white box labeled M855 Penetrator.

Technical Information:

  • Caliber: 5.56 x 45mm
  • Bullet Weight: 62 Grains
  • Bullet Style:  M855 Steel Penetrator – Green Tip
  • Case Type: Brass Cartridge, Reloadable
  • Country of Manufacture:  USA

Ballistics Information:

  • Muzzle Velocity: 3060 fps hyper velocity
  • Muzzle Energy:  1289 ft-lb

Quantity Packs:

  • Style: 500 Rounds in bulk cardboard box.

Recommended Platforms:

  • Any platform that requires the 5.56 auto round. Semi-auto, or full auto.
  • Do not use this round in a .223 rem platform. It may result in damage. This round is intended for only use in 5.56 platforms only.
  • These rounds are designed to penetrate light armor due to the steel inner core.  Keep this mind when shooting.


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